Under $25

Superfly Awesome Cool Android Cables price

Superfly Cables

Forget that limp plastic “came with charger” cable that has worn through to the wires and is about to electrocute you. Do that several…

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Iluminaid Light 2.0 Price

Luminaid 2.0 Light

This is an awesome little light invented by two awesome chicks who you may have seen on Shark Tank. Their awesome little solar 16…

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SanDisk Dual Type C USB Drive

SanDisk Dual USB

SanDisk is out with another much needed device. This 32GB USB drive is reversible with a standard male connection on one end and a…

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Barefoot Bucha kombucha

Barefoot Bucha

So your acupuncturist and yoga instructor have been telling you about kombucha, but you’re skeptical? I understand. Most of the crap you can get,…

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Aloha Lawless Beef Jerky

Lawless Beef Jerky

There’s no shortage of options out there for beef jerky. Like craft beers and small batch whiskey, a lot of effort goes into the…

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