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The Duece Trailer Release Date

The Duece Trailer

David Simon and George Pelecanos of The Wire fame are back after a long time, with another series that pulls no punches and looks…

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Gold Party Cup

Sometimes you see something that you just need for no other reason than it will look cool in your hand. That is exactly the…

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Book Darts

I can’t even count how many time I’ve rushed through reading a page, chapter or section of a book just so I could get…

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Bondic Evo Kickstarter

Bondic EVO

Bondic wowed everyone a while back with their liquid plastic fix anything stick. In the years since, they have listened to the primary complaints…

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Skull Sugar Spoon

Sugar Skull Spoon

I dig this spoon with a skull cutout of 304 stainless steel Why not add a little danger to your breakfast cereal or cup…

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Salt & Stone SPF

Skincare is a very important part of every single person’s morning routine. It’s especially important to keep up those lotion applying habits throughout the…

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Duct Tape Engineer

Attentions all makers – here’s something unique and fun to add to your space. Duct Tape Engineer is a HOW-TO book by¬†Lance Akiyama who…

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Cycop BiTool 2.0

We covered the first version of this and are excited to see a follow-up. The BiTool 2.0 is a multi-driver with a 180-degree ratcheting…

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