Canopy Stair Price Cost

Canopy Stair

How about an awesome instant spiral stairway to your tree house? Sold. Unfortunately, while this does exist, it is currently just a design project…

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kaspar hamacher burned out stump stools price 2

Burned Out Stump Stool

This dude Kaspar Hamacher is making some incredible furniture. These burned out stump stools are perfect for putting around the fire pit outside. This…

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Leaning Loop upright entry caddy shelf

Leaning Loop

This nifty little piece of furniture could class up your entry and add some needed function. Made from solid hardwood (don’t see a specific…

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Josh Carmody Legless Bar Stool Optical Illusion

Legless Stool

Designer Josh Carmody out of Melbourne Australia has put together an awesome little piece of furniture that from one angle gives the impression that…

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Thermal View Microwave

Better Microwave

It’s time for the microwave to catch up to today’s tech. We all use them (except for the tinfoil hatted nuts) and all have…

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Pierre Carreau Wave Photos

Pierre Carreau

To say that Pierre Carreau is a photographer does no justice to the art he produces. His series of waves are the first I’ve…

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