f35 Gen III Helmet Mounted Dispolay System HMDS price cost

F-35 HMDS Helmet

This insane thing is the helmet for the controversial F-35 fighter jet. The Gen III Helmet Mounted Display System is the most advanced helmet…

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Miki Eleta Timeburner Piston Watch


Miki Eleta has gotten extremely creative with their new watch. Instead of hands in a circle like the wristwatches cavemen wore, this piece of…

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Emirates Airline Business Class Onboard Bar

Emirates Airlines

Soul Plane has become a reality and it is starting on Emirates Airlines of all places. Emirates took a chance on a little bit…

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Honda Bulldog Concept Rally Motorcycle

Honda Bulldog Concept

Honda has pumped its ruckus scooter full of ‘roids to bring us a 400cc motorcycle concept they released as the Osaka Motorcycle show. The…

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