$50 – $100

Automatic App Smart Car

Automatic Smart Car

We are getting close people. Real close to having a functional smart car. Automatic, which started mostly as an OBDII dongle that gave you…

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REI evrgrn line camp rocker price cost

REI Evrgrn Rocker

REI has announced a new line of outdoor products aimed at the casual outdoor enthusiast, the people who are more¬†likely to consider the patio…

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WeLoveFine I am Chewie Chewbacca Hoodie Price Cost

Chewbacca Hoodie

Fellas, before you get too excited, this is a women’s Chewie hoodie.¬†How many of you out there are lucky enough to have a lady…

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Lil Trucker Multitool Price Cost

Lil Trucker

I usually hate being forced to say ‘lil’, but there’s nothing wimpy about this little brother of the Trucker’s Friend from Innovation Factory that…

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VL 92 Gin Price Cost

VL92 Gin

There is a time for Scotch and a time for Bourbon, but there is also a time for Gin. When that time comes, have…

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Cando candle heater price cost


Sometimes history repeating itself is a good thing. The time tested technology of a candle heating a clay pot is brought elegantly into this…

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