$50 – $100

Fenix PD32 Flashlight Price Cost

Fenix PD32

A versatile durable and dependable flashlight is a major part of any EDC. I personally love the PD32 from Fenix. They have many to…

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MITI Camp Stove Price Costs

MITI Camp Stove

There are a million camp stoves out there, but none that sit directly on the wood fire and look like something Vikings would have…

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See Rescue Streamer Price Cost

See Rescue Streamer

The See Rescue Streamer is essentially a giant flag saying “I’m right here, please save my ass.” The 5 oz. streamer packs down small…

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Ultimate Ears UE Roll Price Cost

UE Roll

This awesome little roughly 1.5 inch thinck 5″ round disc is a seriously rugged waterproof bluetooth speaker that Ultimate Ears, the company who makes…

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CRKT Sting 3B Knife Price Cost

CRKT Sting 3B

I like everything about this lightweight knife. At a slim 1.8 oz and super slim profile, this knife could be a boot, neck, waist…

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PolarPro PowerVault GoPro Charging Case Price Cost


Finally, you’re out doing something actually worth capturing on that GoPro your wife/girlfriend bought you for your birthday and all you can think about…

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Naked Cooler Price Cost

Naked Cooler

File this one under, why didn’t I think of that. A full cooler can be very difficult to find things in. The Naked Cooler…

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