$50 – $100

Joby Action Jib Kit Pole Price

Joby Action Jib Kit

Joby, known for those odd three legged knobby legged camera tripods, actually have a pretty awesome line of products for action sports cameras. The…

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Brando Magic Pro Mini Power Statin 6T price

Power Station 6T

There are more and more options for adding USB power to outlets (like the SnapPower USB Outlet) but sometimes you need to charge a…

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Hyperkin iPhone Gameboy Case Price

iPhone Gameboy

What started as an April Fool’s Day prank has turned into a real product. The folks at Hyperkin are making a device that you…

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ASUS Chrome Bits price

ASUS Chromebit

It’s about time. ASUS has announced a new product called Chromebit, which is a dongle smaller than a candy bar that plugs into any…

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Wazoo Survival Dog Collar

Survival Dog Collar

Wazoo Survival Gear has packed a surprising amount of survival gear into a very normal and even cool looking dog collar. The $59 K-10…

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Jack Kerouac Art Print Blind artist John Bramblitt

Blind Art

John Bramblitt was just a regular dude who unfortunately lost his sight. Then he learned how to paint and became a great artist. If…

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UDAP Back Attack Bear Spray back pack attachment price

Bear Back Attack Pack

We all know bears don’t play by our rules or anyone else’s rules. We know they are bigger, better, faster, stronger, and probably smarter…

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