$50 – $100

Arrow Rug Price Cost

Arrow Rug

Tell your guests where you want them to go with this rug that comes in red, green, black and pink. You can even get…

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Touchjet Wave Price Cost Indiegogo Kickstarter

Touchjet Wave

The Touchket Wave turns your tv (20″ to 60″) into a touch screen – Well, sort of. It turns it into a giant android…

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Knocki Smart remote Price Cost


Knocki is a cool little sensor that is connected to the internet so you can use it to get notifications of stuff or use…

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Mini Beer Pong Price Cost

Mini Beer Pong

Don’t have room for the full size dedicated beer pong? Wife won’t let you have one? Wide won’t let you have the friends you…

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Jack Daniels Barrel Proof Whiskey Price Cost

Jack Daniels Barrel Proof

It looks like Jack Daniels is acknowledging the people want smaller batch more craft everything, so they’ve announced their latest Barrel Proof whiskey that…

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