$25 – $50

SunJack Light stick waterproof rugged price

SunJack Light Stick

The SunJack light stick is essentially a shop light you can take anywhere and will last for 40 hours of continuous use on the…

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MiniPresso travel pump espresso maker


Do you not have an espresso maker that you can take on the trail or in the teardrop trailer? What are you a caveman?…

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Volvo Life Paint clear reflective paint price

Volvo Life Paint

Life Paint is completely clear when you spray it on, but at night when light hits it, it becomes incredibly reflective. How has this…

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NomadClip USB Cable Carabiner Price

Nomad USB Carabiner

The Nomad USB Carabiner is a very clever twist on the classic. It, like so many other carbainers, obviously isn’t actually able to be…

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darkfin webbed glove price

Darkfin Gloves

You’ll never be Jason Momoa, and you’ll never be cast as Aquaman, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a little advantage in the…

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The great Case large phone phablet easy hold case

The Great Case

Two dudes have put together the most basic kickstarter campaign for a most basic product that solves a huge problem (#firstworldproblems) as our phones…

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Illume Arc Lighter flameless lighter price

Illume Arc Lighter

I can’t believe they’re selling this thing on the ability to light deep set candles. This little killer creates a super high-intensity electric arc…

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