$25 – $50

Jason Ratliff Art Price Cost

Jason Ratliff Art

I like art that doesn’t need to be explained and instantly sparks an emotion. I don’t want to have to think about my art;…

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Tool Pen Mini Mininch price cost

Tool Pen Mini

In a quick follow up to a successful kickstarter campaign to bring us the Tool Pen, Mininch has launched a new smaller version that…

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Mission Belt Company Vader wide black leather belt price

Mission Vader Belt

This is a good looking functional belt that makes you feel good by¬†always having a perfect fit and helping end global hunger/poverty. The name…

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Three Jerks Jerky filet mignon beef jerky price cost flavors

Three Jerks Jerky

Super tasty beef jerky made from filet mignon? Yes please. If you’re a fan of jerked meat, and I’m sure you are, you’ll want…

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Frame a patent art prints price cost

Patent Art

Frame a Patent has pretty much every awesome invention and pop icon patent art print you could want. Whatever you or someone you know…

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