$25 – $50

Gobi Hobo Roll Price Cost

Gobi Hobo Roll

Well, that rolls off the tongue nicely. The Hobo Roll from Gobi is an ingenious take on the compression stuff sack. If you’re like…

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Penxo mechanical pencil price cost

Penxo Pencil

Innovation is good. Simplification is good. Doing both at the same time is awesome. The Penxo lead holder pencil does both by reducing the…

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Ttrozo Studio Force Awakens Art Price Cost

Force Awakens Art

Trozo Studio is getting out in front of the next Star Wars installment with some awesome art. There are a few options to choose…

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Polar Pro Strap Mount Price Cost

GoPro Strap Mount

Made by Polar Pro, this GoPro mount is made to securely attach to any strap, like a backpack, scuba bcd, PFD or a harness….

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Olivers Briefs price cost performance

Olivers Briefs

You spend how much on clothes each year? Your shoes that stand around in the dirt and muck cost how much? And yet, you…

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Uzi TacPak Price Cost


The TacPack by Uzi (yes, that Uzi) may not be something you need, but it is definitely something someone you know needs. Maybe the…

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Gerber GDC EDC Belt Price Cost

Gerber GDC Belt

You’re not a bull rider and you’ve never busted a bronc, so why do you want to make a fashion statement with your buckle?…

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