$1000 – $5000

Playbook Custom PS4 Xbox Price Cost

PlayBox Custom Consoles

Eddie Zarick is building some ridiculously awesome custom next gen consoles and will make one for you. They aren’t cheap, running around $2k, but…

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Sphericam 2 price cost kickstarter

Sphericam 2

Like winter, virtual reality as a mainstream media format is coming. What’s amazing is that unlike formats that have come in the past, VR…

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Iris Surfboards Price Cost

Iris Surfboards

Iris makes incredibly cool skateboards from decks that would otherwise head to a landfill. They’ve taken that process and started making surfboards from a veneer…

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Artifox Standing Desk Price Cost

Artifox Standing Desk

Artifox has upped its game literally with the standing table version of their popular desk. It’s basically the same thing only taller, with adjustable…

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Hydro Hammock Price Cost

Hydro Hammock

The hydro hammock is a hot tub hammock. You heard right. Hot. Tub. Hammock. This is literally beyond my dreams. Having spent hours and…

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Biltsharp Knives Price Cost Kitchen Set

Biltsharp Knives

The guys over at Biltsharp knives in Philadelphia, PA are making some awesome blades. They keep making them and they keep selling out of…

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