$100 – $500

REI Crash Sack Evrgrn Price Cost

Evrgrn Crash Sack

You only need to have spent one night in a sleeping bag to have invented the Crash Sack from REI’s Evrgrn collection. We’ve all…

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Greats Pronto Price Cost

Greats Pronto Sneaker

Greats is an awesome shoe company born in Brooklyn, NY that is seriously passionate about making great shoes that skips the middle men of…

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Awair Indoor Air Quality Monitor Price Cost

Awair Air Monitor

The air in your house probably sucks. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. It’s just a fact that we build our homes so tight…

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DPX HEAT-F OD Knife Price Cost


You should own multiple knives. A few should be workhorses for when the job calls for little more than a flat piece of strong…

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So Far So Good Slippers Price Cost

So Far So Good Slip-ons

Not your everyday footwear, there’s something about these slip-ons  that’s just awesome. They’re $200 matte grey velvet with navy blue quilt lining and embroidered “So…

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