$100 – $500

Grado Headpones Price Cost

Grado Headphones

Grado Labs is a family owned and operated headphone manufacturer in Brooklyn, NY that is and has been family owned and operated since 1953. Grado…

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U-Herb Self Watering Planter Price Cost


Step up your cuisine game with this self-watering herb planter from InConcrete. There is a wick inside the pot that pulls water from a…

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Road Shower 2 Price Cost

Road Shower 2

The Road Shower 2 is an awesome off road or road trip accessory. It can hold up to 5 gallons of water that pour…

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Shelfpack Price Cost


The Shelfpack is a suitcase that turns into an open shelf dresser when you get where you’re going. I can see this being ideal…

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Slide njoy laptop multiple screens price cost

Slide N’Joy

Name aside, I love this product. It gives you truly portable by adding one or two screens in one of three sizes without making…

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GoPro Hero 4 Session Price Cost

GoPro Hero 4 Session

GoPro is out with its biggest innovation in a long time, the GoPro Hero 4 Session, which is an unbelievably small cube camera that…

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Winston Watches kickstarter Price Cost

Winston Watches

It’s no secret we like our watches one of two ways, classic, clean and quality or crazy wild and unique. Winston watches are a…

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Homping Grill Price Cost

Homping Grill

Imagine a George Foreman Grill that ran on coal and could be used indoors. If that thought doesn’t make you want to throw money…

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