$100 – $500

Nest Camera Price Cost

Nest Camera

How many multi-billion dollar companies does it take to make a great connected indoor camera? 2.5. Nest Labs bought Dropcam and Google bought Nest…

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cracked log lamp price cost duncan Meerding

Cracked Log Lamp

Incredibly, the artist, Duncan Meerding, who makes these beautiful cracked log lamps that can be used as stools, is legally blind. The LEDs inside…

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GOBAG Vacuum Carry On Bag Price Cost

Go Bag

Yet another product that I can’t believe someone hasn’t come up with sooner. The Go Bag is a carry on sized travel bag that…

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Voice Sound Wave Art Price Cost

Sound Wave Art

Instead of the same old same old on your walls or some kind of country kitsch you’ve picked up from long gone roommates over…

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Slow Watches Price Cost

Slow Watches

Not every watch needs to have a million functions. The Slow Jo 2 from Slow Watches strips things down to the core function of…

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REI Crash Sack Evrgrn Price Cost

Evrgrn Crash Sack

You only need to have spent one night in a sleeping bag to have invented the Crash Sack from REI’s Evrgrn collection. We’ve all…

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Greats Pronto Price Cost

Greats Pronto Sneaker

Greats is an awesome shoe company born in Brooklyn, NY that is seriously passionate about making great shoes that skips the middle men of…

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