$100 – $500

Polymule Handcart

The Polymule Handcart is exactly what you need for pretty much every adventure. It’s a huge cart that can hold over 300 lbs of your…

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Matchstick Pistol For Sale

Matchstick Pistol

We don’t usually cover firearms, but will make an exception since this one is mostly just fun. This matchstick pistol literally loads wooden matchsticks…

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Tops Grandpas Ax Price

Grandpa’s Ax

The big winner of Tops Knives’ contest to see which employee would have their design chosen to be produced and get credited with the…

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Patagonia Work Wear Price

Patagonia Work Wear

Patagonia is creeping on Carhartt’s territory with their new line of workwear. It’s made from hemp blends that they claim are 25% more abrasion…

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Arox Carving Sled Price

Aroc Sports Sled

I’m going to start off with a disclaimer that I’m not about to spend a few hundred dollars on a performance sled; however, I…

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Neon Batman Print

Neon Batman

This print of Batman in neon is almost inspiration enough to have me out commissioning some custom neon work. It’s printed using archival Ultrachrome…

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Under Armour Horizon KTV

Step yo’ trail running game up with the Under Armour Horizon KTV sneakers. The description basically reads: comfy, light, comfy, well built, comfy, rugged and…

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HVRNT Hatchets and axes

HVRNT Hatchets & Axes

HVRNT, is making some beautiful hatchets and axes. They are one of a kind pieces and usually made from restored older tools. They hand…

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