Submitting digitally

It’s our job to help the cream rise, so we look at every single product sent our way. It’s how we started and how we’ll keep doing it, no matter what that takes. That said, we have to have some order to the madness to keep up.

Pointing out something awesome

If you have seen something somewhere you think our readers should see, you can shoot an email to us at, or dm us on twitter (@theupscout) or instagram (@theupscout).

You make something awesome

If you are with a company that has a product that you think would be ideal for our audience, we’d love to hear from you. You can send us an email at or dm us on twitter (@theupscout) or instagram (@theupscout) and we’ll check it out. If you’re emailing, be sure to include product pics and some background to your company. The more info you include either in the email or via attachments/links, the easier it will be for us to check it out. We look at everything sent our way but only have so much time to dig around for your website, etc.

 Submitting physical samples

We do accept products and samples, which can be sent to the address below, but have to ask that you not send liquid or edible samples without discussing with us in advance. It’s a crazy world and we can’t just eat/drink everything that shows up at the mailbox. For non edible/drinkable samples, we’re happy to check them out. Please send info along with the product that will help us understand quickly what it is, what is so great about it, and how we can get in touch with you. Even if you think it is obvious, please explain.

If it is something you want us to test out and send back, include everything we need to send it back to you and we’ll do our best. Let’s all be reasonable about that one, eh?

Send products and samples to:

Upscout Product Sample
PO Box 41595
Mesa, AZ 85274


We are drinking from a firehose of awesome products and know there are a ton of great products, services, and events that don’t make the cut for an article, but we want to give as many people as possible a chance to be seen and heard. The Recon is the way to make that happen. Check it out here.