Suavs Zilker Shoe

Suavs new shoe is being funded on kickstarter and it’s awesome. This new shoe (and their previous model) is made with a very comfortable breathable and sweat-wicking material that is comfortable and non-smelly even when you’re barefoot. We’ve worn the previous model with the same material and it’s no gimmick. The super flexible shoe packs down small in your bag, whether it’s for the gym or a 2-day and is comfortable to wear all over the place. If you show them enough love to get dirty, you can even toss them in the washing machine to get good as new. We tried a slip-on and the lace up Zilker looks even better so you can keep them tight even as they start to break into your foot shape, which the ultra-breathable material does nicely. Overall, this is a great shoe that is perfect for a lot of occasions from spring through the fall. You can get a pair with a pledge on their kickstarter for $55 if you’re quick and get an early bird before the price goes up to $60 on kickstarter and $80 at full retail.

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