Rubika Bookcase

I’m easily impressed with design especially when it involves redesigning a familiar object with a unique twist – throw in a three-dimensional design and my mind is blown. This Rubika Bookcase designed by George Bosnas is inspired by, you guessed it, a Rubik’s Cube. It’s modern and trendy yet classic and fancy. Sure, I don’t have many books to put on it as 95% of my collection is audio or digital but I have some classics to thrown on like To Kill a Mockingbird and The Hunger Games series (instant classic, amirite?). The shelf is made of MDF with vaneer and lacquer. There are several color options available to suit your space. You have to inquire for the price which means you need to be ready to spend a pretty penny. In the meantime, start picturing this bookcase in your home, the conversation it will spark and the amazement you will have every time you look at it.

Get it.