X1 Everest Pool Table

I could spend all day talk about the X1 Everest Pool Table by Elite Innovations. The conversation would spiral from design, innovation, technology, the future and end with the meaning of life. That may be a little overdramatic but my point is this company is one that will influence design in so many ways. The transparent glass base and top are cut and formed from Vitrik which replicate the rolling resistance of felt and absorbs the shock of glass. The design is doneĀ in a way that does not mimic 80s glass kitchen furniture but instead a sleek, modern lifestyle. You can select just about any finish you can think of from painting to plating. You can also customize with LED lights, ping pong tops and even turn it into a dining table with table covers. The only set in stone option is the size: 8′ x 4′. Only 5 are made per year so if you’re interested inquire asap. We’ll categorize this in the over $5,000 as luxury like this doesn’t come cheap.

Get it.