Volvo Life Paint

Volvo Life Paint clear reflective paint price

Life Paint is completely clear when you spray it on, but at night when light hits it, it becomes incredibly reflective. How has this not already been done? How do they make it so reflective but still be clear? So many questions! Hopefully this becomes a real product we can all buy, because the videos are awesome.

Free cans will be given away in England as a part of special events, so how it is received there will determine if it goes into production. No word yet on price, but I can’t imagine it will be crazy…


Life Paint appears to be a repackaging of Albedo 100’s Invisible Bright paint, which you can actually buy right now in a large can here and a smaller can here. So, while it has a different name, you can essentially buy Life Paint right now. If the large can sells out check the smaller can, there is much more of that available. They also make a version meant to be sprayed on pets!

Get it (sold out) or get Invisible Bright  (available now)

— UPDATE 4/13/17 — 

Life Paint launched as a promotional product then turned out to be an existing product relabeled. Despite a weird entrance to the world, it is a fantastic life saver and huge hit. Millions of cans have been sold. Bikes and clothes have been sprayed all over the world. You can’t count the number of accidents that have not happened thanks to this stuff. If you have still not tried it out, you should head over to Amazon and pick up a can. The next life saved might be yours! They now make it for all kinds of equipment beyond bikes. It really is as simple as spraying on, letting it dry, then being safe. You can’t ask for easier than that.