The Legend of Zelda Chess Set

I hearby declare every Monday night chess night and challenge each and every person to a game on this The Legend of Zelda Collector’s set. The set has has the prominent hero and villain characters from the The Ocarina of Time which lets you chose your side – good or evil?

If you chose good – you are led by The Light King and Zelda as Queen. Impa, Epona, and Darunia are Bishops, Knights, and Rooks respectively and of course we have Navi as the Pawns.

If you chose evil – you are led by The Dark King and the sorceress sisters merged into Twinrova as Queen. Iron Knuckle, Phantom, and Armos are the Bishops, Knights, and Rooks and Deku Scrub as the Pawns.

The pieces are made of vinyl and have window packaging so you can show off the set and let it serve as the standing challenge of a game. The price definitely won’t have you screaming “Curse You!” at $55.

Get it.