The Composite Yoak

I’m always blown away by innovation in the fitness industry when it comes to the equipment. We’ve been using the same tools for a long time but for very good reasons – they work! But the Composite Yoak is here to spice up our regular workout routines while giving us very versatile equipment. The Composite Yoak weighs just over 5.5 lbs so it’s easy to transport and switch uses. The max squat/yoke capacity is 400 lbs while the max dynamic suspension capacity is 250 lbs. You can get the equpiment in natural birch or walnut finishes. The starter package costs $300 and gets you the Composite Yoak and a 12′ Cam strap for suspension mode. This version lets you focus on weightless exercises with suspension or you can add in your own equipment. For $330 you can also get the industrial slings and climbing carabiners so you can add in some squats and yokes. For $350 you can get an industrial sling for mode transportation, dowel handles with 7mm static climbing cordellette and another climbing carabiner.

Get it.