Tessellatus Playing Cards

This is an awesome deck of playing cards. It’s made for the cardist who is into flourishes and card tricks but will look just as awesome dropping hot fire in a game of BS or Gin. The tessellated design provides a repeating pattern on the edges of the cards as they are splayed, either in a massive flourish or just when you’re spreading that straight out wide so you can gloat over the pain you’re about to inflict on grandma when you go out of the game and leave her in last place. The blue lines across the center give the front of the card some of the flash of the back. These aren’t just pretty cards. They’re going to be printed by the USPCC with a linoid finish on Tally-Ho stock in a borderless design. The entire deck is custom from top to bottom and on the tuck case. There are plenty of add-on options including getting your name on the “ad card” so everyone who buys a deck can read your name in print. Back it for $12 to get your deck.

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