Spacedeck Playing Cards

Spacedeck Playing Cards from Space

Here’s your chance to own a deck of playing cards that have been to space and back. If that’s not a conversation starter, I don’t know what is. Spacedeck is running a campaign to create these cards, that look phenomenal on their own, as a way to help fund Zero 2 Infinity’s space tourism mission – more on that in a sec. Spacedeck ships in a numbered tuck box with your name on it after rising up to the last 1% of our atmosphere where the sky is black and the world, with all its problems, looks small. The whole trip will be filmed so you can see where your cards went. Proceeds go to Zero 2 Infinity, which is working on a tourist capsule that will take a similar, though slower, 5-hour ride up to near space. I dig their mission of giving people a perspective of the world that will hopefully help them realize that we’re all on this little rock zooming through space together. Pledge $29 sooner than later to not miss the campaign.

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