Skid Wood Chef Knife

skid wood chef knife price

My first impression of this knife is that you can’t have a knife made out of wood with a metal edge. There are so many reasons I can think of why that should be impossible to do with any amount of quality. I’m totally wrong. The Skid is a legit chef knife. They’ve put a ton of thought into the design so the factors you think would top the list of roadblocks are taken care or. The wood is Robinia, which has high tanins to act as anti-microbial agents for keeping it sanitized. It’s also harder than Oak and sustainably produced/harvested. The┬áblade is a high carbon alloy steel that will stay sharp. In addition to testing in a lab and around the world in professional kitchens in the hands of chefs, the designers worked with the knives as assistants in a professional kitchen to make sure they worked well in practice. You can back the kickstarter and get one for $179 if you’re super quick.

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