Salt & Stone SPF

Skincare is a very important part of every single person’s morning routine. It’s especially important to keep up those lotion applying habits throughout the day if you’re outside. Even if your face is covered in a wicked beard, it’s important to protect and maintain that baby face underneath. It’s also important to use quality products because you guys, it sinks into your blood stream. Salt & Stone is here with sun protection that is made with plant-based, non-toxic, certified organic ingredients. Their formulas are also rich in antioxidants so you can prevent premature aging which we can all agree we don’t want to happen. It also has anti-inflammatory components to hydrate and calm red, rough skin. Basically, you’re face will look better while also being protected. Boom. In addition to the SPF 30 lotion pictured, they have a face stick and face paste all for $18 each. You gotta protect that kisser too for $5. All products are water resistant and made in the USA. #JustAddAdventure

Get it.