Prototypo Unique Fonts Maker

I can’t even count the times I’ve been designing something and have to settle for a font because I can’t find exactly what I pictured in my head. Well now that problem has an easy solution thanks to Prototypo’s Unique Fonts Maker that I’m totally geeking out over. Actually, Prototypo first launched in 2014 but I’m just now learning of it thanks to Kickstarter’s Make/100 project they are partaking in which challenges creative minds to release 100 of something. For $107, you can get access to the software and create and download 100 fonts which you can in turn use, sell, create with, etc. There are various levels including a 4 fonts pack and a lifetime pack and everything in between. The font credits don’t expire so you don’t have to rush to knock them out – you can create them as the need arises. While I haven’t yet used the software myself, it looks pretty simple and can be done in minimal clicks. It also allows you to modify more than 30 parameters and get it exactly how you want with a manual editing feature.

Get it.