Power Siesta Folding Nap Station

Power Siesta Travel Nap Station

I haven’t been able to bring myself to use one of those goofy looking airplane/travel nap contraptions, because I just can’t get over the size and silliness. The Power Siesta is a totally different story. First, it can fold down to fit in almost any bag because it goes all the way flat. Second, it doesn’t inflate or require me to put my head and hands in it. It’s a simple inexpensive solution that gives you a place to nap your head without making you look like a nut. My first thought was that the hard face platform wouldn’t be comfortable over any amount of time, but then I realized you will almost always have a small pillow, jacket, sweatshirt, scarf or something soft that can give you the little cushion you need. And, either way, it’s a million times better than holding your head up with your hand which puts your wrist in that uncomfortable go-tingly-immediately position. Head over and back their kickstarter with a pledge of just $17 to get one for yourself.

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