Perfect Kitchen Thermometer

If you’re like me, you’re also guilty of hardly using a kitchen thermometer for absolutely no good reason. Imagine how much better our cooking could be if we actually used the utensils designed to help us perfect our techniques? You don’t need to be a chef to appreciate the¬†Perfect Kitchen Thermometer – you just need to like making good food. Issues with other thermometers currently on the market include poor quality probes, less that accurate readings and of course price. Perfect solves these issues by making a quality, easy to use kitchen tool for $57. The temperature reads to the first decimal so you can get your food exactly where you want it to be. The reading will also stay upside no matter which way you have it flipped. The sleeve will allow the thermometer to attach to your clothing easily so you can pull it out quickly as needed and keep it protected when not in use. The Kickstarter campaign is very close to fully funding their hige goal so head over and join their movement. Your mouth will thank you later.

Get it.