Neofit Roller Collapsible Foam Roller

Foam rolling is a vital part of your day whether you’re hitting the gym a couple times a week or training for Ironman. The benefits are astronomical. It’s always a little frustrating to not be able to bring your foam roller with you while traveling. Most times you’re just as active on that trip or still recovering from the previous days’ workout so to not have your foam roller could be a major shock to your body. The kind of shock you feel every time you go in or out of the seated position. Neofit Roller feels our pain (literally) and has created a Collapsible Foam Roller. At expansion, it’s 12 inches and then collapses to 4. It’s made of high density EVA foam that can handle up to 350 pounds while only weighing 2. It easily folds in and out and then fits in your bag so it can with you everywhere. The Kickstarter campaign is super successful with only 24 hours left so get in there and pledge your $49 to get a Neofit Roller Collapsible Foam Roller.

Get it.