Modern Meditation Cushion

The benefits of meditation are no secret and it’s something we should all practice as often as possible. So when unique products are designed that make that time even more enjoyable, it’s great news. Project Full is crowdfunding their new¬†Modern Meditation Cushion that will help you relax and refresh while also treating your spine like the royalty it is. The cushion combines traditional and modern designs to end with a triangular shape to position and support your body. It’s made with sustainable materials like organic cotton and hemp textiles. The filling is buck wheat hulls which are an organic alternative to synthetic fillers. More benefits of it include lasting many years while molding to your body and being hypoallergenic. A $240 pledge to an already fully funded campaign gets you both necessary pieces to the cushion in cream, rosewood, charcoal or grey along with a scent pack to kick your meditation into overdrive.

Get it.