Mellow Mulitmedia Table

By now you’re aware of our love for all types of Bluetooth speakers. And while this one isn’t waterproof or going to the beach with you (although it really could), it’s still just as amazing but with a very stylish twist. The Mellow Multimedia table connects up to 10 devices to play audio through the speakers built in to the actual table. Let’s start with the table itself: the legs are made from 100% lush beach wood and the table is wrapped in woven micro-fabric to give it a look thay screams classy. Inside the table is where the magic happens. If you chose to go wireless, the Bluetooth speakers give you up to 7 hours of play time on a charge and then recharges in about 3 hours. Bringing in the multimedia aspect: there are built in usb ports to charge your devices. The power bank can charge your phone 2.7 times. Mellow is fully funded with plenty of time left for you to head over and make a pledge for $299.

Get it.