Loog Pro & Mini

The Loog guitar was a runaway success small beginner’s guitar specifically aimed at kids. They’re back with a couple new and improved guitars for both kids and adults.¬†Where the Loog was for kids 8 and over, the Loog Mini is for kids 3 and older to get started learning to shred. The Loog Pro steps things up to be fun for adults just beginning and veterans who want to have a little fun with something new. The Loog Pro improves on the original with a new bridge, all-maple neck, pickup, pickguard, cutaway design and now comes assembled and ready to play. If you have kids, you basically have to get this and spend some real quality time together. The guitars use regular guitar strings and standard tuning, so everything you learn on one of these can transfer to a real guitar if you stick with it. Along with the guitars, you get flash cards and a mobile app to help you as well as tutorial videos, so you’re not on your own. You can get a pair of a Mini and a Pro for $199 or the same pair with the electric Pro for $229.

Get it.