Less Board Game

Less Board Game Kickstarter Price Cost

Invented by a guy named Aleksandr Starovojtov, he says Less is “like chess but less”. I’d describe it as a much more fun and faster version of checkers. It’s simple – you randomly place the tiles that make up the board then try to move your pieces from your corner to your opponents opposite corner. Each player has four pieces and gets three moves per turn. Jumping walls count as two moves and jumping two walls counts as all three of your moves. That’s pretty much it. You can easily expand to four players with two teams for twice the fun.

The beauty of this game is its simplicity and almost infinite variations depending on how you setup the board. Each game goes quick so you can break it out when you have just a few minutes to kill. It’s funding on kickstarter right now and a pledge of just $16 gets you a set. $22 will get you the double pack so you can play up to four players. You should definitely grab a set or two.

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