LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V

Be a part of history in more ways than one when you buy the LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V set. First, you will be building a rocket ship out of Legos and that alone is awesome. But not just any rocket ship, THE rocket ship. The first rocket ship to put mankind on the Moon. Second, this set is Lego’s tallest ever coming in at 1 meter tall which is about a 1:110 scale and it will also have the most elements, 1,969 to be exact.

The ship is built in 3 stages which allows you to take your imagination to the maximum. You will offload the S-IC and S-II sections and dock the lunar lander with the command service module to recreate the entire process in your own home (non-gravity not included).

The set also comes with stands so you can display this piece of work for all to see. You will get 3 brand new astronaut mini-figures and a booklet about the real deal flight as well as information about the designers – can we please give them a round of applause, by the way!

The set will go on sale in stores and online on June 1st for $120.

Get it.