Kitchen Multi Tool

Firebox is hittin us with this super useful Kitchen Multi Tool. It’s made of stainless steel and somehow has 12 of the most useful kitchen tools packed inside: cheese grater, stirring spoon, carving fork, channel knife, serrated knife, pairing knife, zester, peeler, garlic crusher, cork screw, can opener and bottle opener. I could imagine this for trips to the cabin where having these tools on hand would be useful but I’m not prepared to drop the dough on getting it all. Could also be ideal when you’re going to make a meal somewhere other than your own home and are unsure what they have. That’s the worth. And really, this is a great thing to have at your house for everyday use too. It’s quality made and separates down the middle so you can use a tool in each hand. At $40, this is definitely something you should own and also buy as a gift for a new homeowner or someone who likes to gourmet up their food at the campsite.

Get it.