Kinuu Travel Hammock

Someone has finally done it. They have taken that sky chair you see for sale at every festival, fair and tourist area and made it travel ready. You see it in all those places and think it looks like one of the most comfortable things you’ve ever seen. You could happily drift away in one of those for years of quiet solitude, but can’t help thinking you don’t have anywhere to put it. Well, my friend, the universe shifted and now you always have the perfect place to put it – everywhere you go. This travel version can be strung up like all your friends’ hammocks that are so last year. The Kinuu is just 2 lbs., packs down to 16.5 in. sets up easily anywhere you can hang a plant/rope/bear bag/whatever. The spreader bar that makes it safe, strong, and ┬ápackable is made of 7075 aluminum. The whole thing is height adjustable by friction thanks to a small custom figure eight style belaying cleat. This chair is awesome and can be yours for just $105. That’s way less than the one from the fair and it’s portable!

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