Jigsaw Furnishings Catchall

It’s amazing how refreshing it is to know where your stuff is. Seriously! Especially when it comes to the quick grab items like your wallet and keys. Knowing they’re always in the same place is a wonderful feeling especially if you’re always rushing out the door like I am. Now you can dock your stuff up in an organized and stylish manner. The Jigsaw Furnishings Catchall has a docking station for your phone, a special spot for your wallet to sit, a cut out to hang your wrist gear, a spot for your pen or stylis, and little indents for your keys and eye gear to hang. The useful part of the set up, though, is it’s completely up to you on how to use it. Put whatever you want in there. Make it your own. It’s super easy to use and in fact travels very nicely as the two pieces slide together and then when apart, lay flat. It’s made from high quality plywood to give you stability. It then has a birch raw surface that’s begging for a unique paint or stain – or really whatever you can imagine. $30 and a more stylish and organized you is on the way.

Get it.