Dominican Republic Villa Oceania

Pack your bags – we’re going on a trip! Not every vacation has to have a backpack and campfire involved – sometimes a beautiful destination with a mind blowing property is just what the doctor ordered! The Villa Oceania property in the Dominican Republic will help you escape the stressors of everyday life and allow you to really relax. You’ll need a serious nap in one of the pool lounge chairs after you run around the property like a kid on Christmas exploring every nook and cranny. The house is designed by a famous Venezuelan architect to house 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. The inside of the house is designed with beautiful materials and is really eye catching and high tech but it’s the outside that has me checking my savings account and looking at flights. The backyard has an infinity pool that overlooks the Caribbean Sea with a dock and sandy area to take you right to the water. Pull out your calendar and checkbook so you can splurge on this $5-7k per night slice of heaven on earth.

Get it.