Dirty Neighbors Game

Grab some snacks and booze then invite your favorite group of neighbors over for some good ole adult fun. Dirty Neighbors is a card game you should probably only play with friends you know well. If you don’t know them well and are willing to take that risk then you’re just a badass with no worries in the world. 4 to 10 players gather around the table and follow a way of play that you might already be familiar with but with a fun twist. Someone draws a card and reads it aloud to the group then each player fills in the blank, with the twist being the card is related to a designated person – ie: the player to the left – and then the person who drew the card originally picks their favorite response. Get your response chosen 5 times and you win the game. Boom. The best part about this game is you will make lifelong memories and inside jokes that will never be forgotten. Well, depending on how much snacks and booze are provided it might be forgotten.

Get it.