Eating fast food is similar to eating in your car – we know we shouldn’t do it because there are risks involved but we do it anyway. Because french fries.¬†Milkmen Design is here to reinvent the way we do both of those things with the DipClip. It’s a nifty little device that fits on your car vent slats to hold your sauce containers and make them easily accessible. Whether it’s ketchup for Burger King french fries (the best fast food french fries, if you’re asking me) or syrup for Jack-in-the-Box french toast sticks (yes, I know my way around the fast food menus, don’t judge me) – DipClip will hold your sauce exactly where you want it – in sight and steady. The holder fits almost all fast food sauce containers. One step further – they also have a Ramekin that you can fill with whatever you please and put in the holder. It’s washable and reusable. Throw some ranch in there and snack on veggies. Obviously DipClip won’t make eating and driving any safer or even any cleaner (drips will still happen), you can at least reveal in the ease of use and one less thing sliding around your car.¬†A pledge of $15 gets you 2 DipClips and 2 Ramekins. Be sure to watch the video when you click through, it’s hilarious!

Get it.