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Yes, yes, and yes! I love this deck of Saturday Night Live playing cards. There are a lot of ways this could have been done, but the excellent Art Deco styling in keeping with Rockefeller Center and Studio 8H where it’s filmed is perfect. The blue foiling is classy and eye-catching, and the mix of sketches included on the face cards is perfect. They can’t fit them all in one deck, so they picked some favorites (probably theirs) and went with it. Maybe wanting to get more sketches will lead to multiple versions of these cards. I want them all. So, the big question is is there more cowbell in this one? You’ll have to buy a deck for $10 to find out. Considering the quality of the cards, tuck box and art, that is an absolute steal. Theory11 is selling these Saturday Night Live playing cards now, so you don’t even have to wait for a crowdfunding campaign to end to get them.

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