Burner Credit Cards for Privacy

Has this been a thing and I’m just now finding out about it, or has this company just invented burner credit cards? Either way, this is amazing and I love it. This basically lets you create a different credit card for every site you shop from. You can have single use numbers for shady sites that you are “sure” you won’t buy anything else from. Or, you can have a single number used on the same site for as long as you want. This is what a lot of services will let you do with email addresses, and this is little different. If some stuff gets bought up on one of the numbers, you can shut it down immediately and know exactly where the breach happened. In case you’re thinking you’ll start taking advantage of promotions, they do limit how many different cards you can use per merchant, so try not to ruin it for everyone. Sign up for free and give it a go.

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