Bondic EVO

Bondic Evo Kickstarter

Bondic wowed everyone a while back with their liquid plastic fix anything stick. In the years since, they have listened to the primary complaints and created the BondicĀ EVO. This new version combines the pieces into one device that has the pen and light in one and facing the same direction, so you don’t have to flip it and cap it to shine the light and firm up the fix. The light has also been improved to cure the plastic faster. This grip is a bit more ergonomic and ambidextrous, swaps out cartridges quickly with an easier to use button and battery swap. The Bondic EVO comes as just the device, in a metal case with a bonus cartridge as well as Pro and Contractor packs that include shaping tools and different applicators all in a fancy case. You can pledge for the simple device for just $11 all the way up to the Contractor Platinum for $595.

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