Beer Pong Golf

You can chip golf balls for money or shots. You can play beer pong. You can play corn hole. And you love all of those. So why not combine aspects of each and play some Beer Pong Golf?! There’s currently a Kickstarter campaign running for the game and it’s already fully funded for very obvious reasons. The boards are about 10lbs each and measure in at 48″ x 24″ x 2″. They are made of quality turn with spaces along the top and sides to customize with your whatever team you’re rooting for that day. The top of the boards have pegs so you can easily slide on/off street signs of your favorite football or baseball team or even Nascar driver. The board has 10 holes that will fit your average red solo cup. Underneath is a T-shape leg that easily folds via a hinge to travel. The chipping mats nave rubber ont he underside so you can hit on virtually any surface any not worry about sliding. The balls that come with the set are plastic so you don’t need to worry about breaking anything or hurting anyone (although both of those make for a good time, sometimes). A pledge of $89 gets you a single board, chipping mat and 6 balls or you can pledge $159 to double that. Expected shipping is October which seems very fast but if they deliver that quick then even more reason to back this project.

Get it.