BAR BONES Skull Drink Markers

An important life lesson I was once taught when trying to figure out which drink is mine at a party is that mine is always the fullest, coldest one. While that is a lesson I will continue to follow, it will also be nice to make sure that no one takes my full, cold drink. Now that I’m older, I prefer my drinks in fancy glasses rather than red solo cups with my name written in sharpie so theseĀ BAR BONES Skull Drink Markers are the perfect way to mark my territory in style. They are made of food safe silicone so no worries if it falls in your drink. $15 gets you a pack of 6 of various colors. The geometric design keeps it classy so you can sip your beverage and look like a total BAMF while also making sure your drink stays yours. Or be really sneaky and switch drink markers.

Get it.