Azulik Eco-Resort and Spa

A lot of resorts will encourage you to getaway from it all, but they’re usually just a nicer version of home. Azulik is totally different in a lot of ways. For starters, it’s on the Mayan Riviera, home to some of the most beautiful Carribean water and fancy resorts in the world. Azulik is 39 guest rooms made from native materials lifted up above the surrounding trees.

Organic forms make up the entire property. The villas, the restaurant (pic above), the spa facilities, it’s all natural and all amazing. In fact, you can even be all natural as the resort is clothing optional. That might be the only way it is like home. Don’t plan on keeping up with work or social media while you’re there. Like I said, they mean it when they say this is a getaway. The entire property is lit by candlelight, so you’ll have to be okay with unplugging for your stay. Visit the site and check out the pictures to see just how incredible Azulik is.

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