Aquor House Hydrant

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I hate the typical spigot on houses. It hasn’t been innovated in literally a million years – that’s science – so it is high time something like the House Hydrant comes along to improve things. Unlike the old school caveman spigot you’re used to that you have to cuss and hit to screw the hose on and off; a hose that can’t turn, and then deal with the inevitable leaks, the House Hydrant plugs in like an air tool and has seals to keep it from leaking or spraying. As soon as you plug it in, it’s ready to go. As soon as you disconnect, it’s shut off. A simple twist keeps it from coming undone when you don’t want it to. It also mounts flush to the wall, so it’s way more low profile. Now all we need is to have people build houses with a dozen or more around the outside so you don’t have to drag that always too short hose around to where it’s needed. The kit that comes with both ends needed to attach to the house and the hose is $50, but you’ll probably need a plumber to install for you.

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