Absolut Hangsmart

If you suck at hanging art, have a ton of extra money, or just need to get a lot of art hung quickly, easily and well, the Hangsmart is for you. The plastic device sticks to the wall with 3M adhesive on the backside or with two screws through the holes in the frame. Once that’s on the wall, you just put your frame up against it and pull down until it clicks. When you hear the click, you can move the art up, down, left, and right however you want to get it just right, then let go. HangsmartĀ levels the piece for you. That seriously eases the process for 90% of art you want to hang. Of course, if you’re trying to get multiple pieces leveled together, there will be some measuring and adjusting to do, but for the most part, it does everything for you. Hangsmart is a collaboration between Absolut Art (the vodka company’s fine arts arm) and designer Alexander Lervik. With each one on the kickstarterĀ selling for $24 at the lowest, you need to have some cash or be desperate to afford to do the whole house with one of these. If either of those describes you, you can plan on getting yours when they ship in September.

Get it.