2017 Lego Millennium Falcon

Lego Millennium Falcon Price

The new for 2017 Lego Millennium Falcon set is the biggest and most detailed yet. It has 7,500 pieces which actually makes it one of the biggest of all the models. There’s intricate exterior detailing, upper and lower quad laser cannons, landing legs, lowering boarding ramp, and a 4 mini-fig cockpit. There are removable hull plates that reveal the highly detailed main hold, rear compartment and gunnery station. As you would expect for $800, it comes with Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia and C-3PO mini-figs, a BB-8 Droid, 2 buildable Poergs and a buildable Mynock. The list of details goes on and on. It looks seriously amazing. This is the kind of project you and your kids can build together that they will never forget. You can buy now and it will release on October 1.

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